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Meet our classic, the ZSP4, now available in four versions. The OG is our original, the APLA features a back bracket (APplique) and a contrasting strip (LAnguette) and is assembled on a low sole whilst the ZSP4 HGH and VH are assembled on a high sole. This trainer is our expression of both simplicity and sophistication. With its generous foamy collar, its smooth strip and its mastered stings, the ZSP4 is the perfect high end and timeless trainer and is handmade with a premium quality rubber outsole then assembled by a lateral sewing method. It comes entirely lined with full grain calf leather and features an anatomic insole for the guarantee of comfort and maintenance. We develop our own laces in France with 100% combed cotton, the addition of our embossed logo complements its minimalistic and pure lines.

  • Full grain calf nappa made in Italy
  • Full grain leather lining
  • Anatomical sole covered with full grain calf leather
  • Hot stamp embossed logo in gold on leather
  • Outsole in premium quality gum
  • Hand-made sneaker with side sewn sole
  • Laces in 100% combed cotton made in France



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