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We went to the fabulous area of la Camargue in the south of France to meet the famous Chef Armand Arnal in his beautiful restaurant « la Chassagnette », we talked about his journey and his inspirations.

Hi Armand, Where are you from ?

Hello, I am from Montpellier where i grew up, after I went to New-York. And 13 years ago I came here in Camargue.

And how old are you ?

I am 42.

Could you resume your activity in the restaurant for us ?

So my typical day, in the morning I visit the garden, I check all the vegetables and plants. After with all the different chefs we decide the menus, we try to keep a menu for one or two weeks and we can change it according to the product’s evolution.

So your inspiration for the plate, you find it in your garden ?

Yes we can say that, the inspiration for the plates we find it in the garden and after the maturity and evolution of the product define his place in the menu. If it’s for example a little carrot, we are going to find it in main course always accompanied with a protein to give a little seasoning.  The more the plant grow the more we will use it in broth, soup etc.

So today the most important thing for you is to use local products, with a short circuit ?

My grandparents were selling vegetables in the montpellier’s market so I always had this sensitivity of the product.

It is true that we feel the work around the product when we came here.

Different subject do you have a music or movie of the moment ?

At the moment I listen some 90s classics, this morning it was Erykah Badu for example, her first album.

Great and what did you eat last night ?

Aha I had nothing … But at home I like to make some Asian broths with fish, vegetables … I like something hot before going to bed.

Thank you Armand !