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The following interview is the first we did for our blog. We decided to give a personal aspect of the zespà’s univers to our costumers by doing interviews with zespà lovers who represent, follow and wear the brand erery day. We are going to meet people from different areas and today’s interview will make you discover Elsa Oushdorn, a young artist with a lot of potential. She come from the South of France like us and we have been to her village « Carqueiranne » to ask her some questions.


Hi Elsa, Where do you come from ?

From south of France, a little village named Carqueiranne.

Where are you livin today ?

Between Paris and the south.

How old are you ?

I’m 27.

Can you describe your activity, your routine ?

I paint, I do some sculpture i change my work areas a lot… That’s what I love.

Where do you find inspiration ?

I find inspiration in my mediterranean sea, My state ! Clearly all my peintings are made with sand and ground’s products which i find in my garden. I love to make relief in my paintings

That’s why it’s important to be at home to work ?

Exactly !

Is it the most important thing in your work ?

Definitely yes ! It’s the most important thing about my work, and it will remain in the futur.

Great and what’s the song you’re listening at the moment ?

I’m listening classic music at the moment…

And what did you eat last night ?

Something that made me seek… A fig from barbarie

Great (laugh), Thank you !

Thanks !