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Where are you from ?

I’m from small town called Laboulaye, in the province of Córdoba in Argentina. During my childhood we lived in a farm in the countryside, and then when I finished school I moved to Buenos Aires to study Graphic Design. I’ve been living there until last year, and I’m currently based in Carmelo, Uruguay.

What do you do ?

I run a Branding, Design and Animation studio (, working mainly for television. That’s my main activity.
A few years ago in 2013, I discovered a then relatively new app called Instagram, and I began using it as an output to do something different from my usual work at the studio. I started posting photos, collages, a little bit of painting, things I liked to do in my spare time at
That sparked a newfound love for natural light photography, and it’s something I’ve been doing more and more.
In the past years I’ve been focused on photos of abstract compositions, using geometric shapes lighted by the sun. There is quality in the light of the sun that I love, they way it highlights textures and the strong, dark shadows it casts. I also love to incorporate plants in my pictures, either on their own, or as part of a composition with geometric shapes.

Why is it important for you to stay in Uruguay ?

I started coming to Uruguay during weekends or summers, to stay for a few days and disconnect. I love the slower pace of life here, the silence, the space, the connection with nature that is terribly lacking in a big city like Buenos Aires. I gradually started to spend more and more time here, so it felt only natural to take the decision to move to Uruguay altogether.

What is your image / relationship of South of France ?

I’ve never been to the South of France yet, but I think I would love it !
I have this image of a place filled with orange and olive trees and vineyards. Dotted with old little towns, medieval architecture, small restaurants, beautiful beaches… And with lots of sun ! So yes, I’m sure I would love it. I’ve always been intrigued by the “Aix-en-Provence” label on the tongue of my Zespà !

How did you discover Zespà ?

I found the first pair at a Club Monaco store in NYC a few years ago, and became a fan. Since then, every time I travel I look for them, always the same model, the ZSP4. I have them in different colors and finishes.
Last year I was in Paris for work and visited the store at Le Marais, it was awesome to see all those models together, it was very difficult to choose 🙂

Tips or recommendations if we travel to Uruguay ?

In Montevideo, the neighborhood of Ciudad Vieja (“Old Town”) is quite special, I really like the old architecture there, the colors, textures, the narrow sidewalks. I always make at stop at “Café La Farmacia”, they have great coffee, and the location is quite unique, it’s an old pharmacy turned into a coffee shop, where they’ve kept lots of things from the old drugstore: the signs outdoors, the wooden medicine cabinets and bottles…
I can also recommend “Jacinto”, it’s a very good restaurant, close to a quaint little square called “Plaza Zabala”.

Jose Ignacio is a small beach town with a very laid back, low-key vibe. Definitely a place to visit if you come to Uruguay, and also Garzón, another small town nearby.

And in Carmelo, where I live, “Narbona” is a beautiful lodge, winery and restaurant. If you eat outside you have an amazing view of the surrounding countryside. The food is great, and besides their own wines they make other products like olive oil, cheese, bread, pasta and “dulce de leche” (a very sweet milk caramel, similar to confiture de lait). They also have rooms to stay among the vineyards. Highly recommended !