Discover the interview of Richard Permin, a professional Skier and a friend of the brand. We discussed about his passion and his relation with the brand.

For his trip in the moutains Richard chose our winter style, the ZSP2.

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Where are you from ?

I am originally from Lyon and I moved to the mountains at the age of 15 for skiing.
Now I live in Aix en Provence with my wife and my daughter. In the winter I am based in Switzerland, Glacier 3000.

What are you doing ?

I have been a professional skier for almost 20 years and my discipline is Freeride.

How did your passion for winter sports and the mountains come about ?

My passion was born at the age of 2 when my mother decided to do a winter season at Orciere Merlette in the southern Alps.
Since then I had only that in mind.

After participating in the X Games and many international competitions you have decided to specialize in making films of your performances, why ?

I’ve always watched videos to progress and video has always been part of skiing.
Back then you had to go through the competition and get recognized in order to access the great ski video production.
My passion for sport and image has always been equal, skiing is one of those sports where you can live from video and that became my goal quite early on.
Being world champion is good but I prefer to be able to share my performance and creativity through my videos, it is a way of showing the evolution of the sport every year while enhancing the unique element in which we evolve, the Mountain.

What is your image / relationship with the South of France ?

I met my wife in Aix-en-Provence, I love the climate and the culture of this region.
We also eat very well there ????

How did you find out about Zespà ?

I discovered Zespa in a store in Aix-en-Provence 5 years ago and I always have a pair with me since then.

Which model do you prefer ? And why are you attached to it ? (Experience with the product)

I like a lot of Zespà models but the one I wear the most during the winter season is the ZSP2. I love the mountain look but at the same time with a very urban touch.
This shoe suits me well and above all I am feel very good in it.

Recommendations for the best free ride spots in France ?

I love skiing in La Clusaz and Val d’Isère, but my favorite spot is Glacier 3000 in Switzerland.


What did you eat last night ?

Yesterday I ate bottarga pasta, it’s my favorite dish.