Horizon 2021, we are reducing our prices :

The year 2020 has been impacted by an unprecedented health crisis not over yet. Which made us decide to speed a price reduction on all our models. This does not affect the manufacturing quality or the sourcing of our materials. The Zespà standards remain unchanged. To achieve this ambitious goal, we looked into ways to reduce costs while improving our CSR policy. The challenge of this new positioning is to make the brand more accessible to a wider audience while respecting our DNA.

Why lower the prices ?

Two main reasons :

• We built and positioned ourselves in a luxury footwear market expanding a lot in the last decade with a distribution strategy based on multi-brand resellers market however now brands speak directly to their consumers. And this is the new strategy we are following now, allowing us a margin gain and letting us reducing our prices.

• The second reason is linked to the current context. With the deteriorating economic situation and its consequences on the market. We are aiming to make our products more accessible to our customers and we are making these efforts in order to create favorable conditions for our clientele, in particular the younger community.

Why now ?

Our management team have been thinking about it for some time now, but 2020 has reshuffled the cards in many areas and allowed time for reflection. The reduction of daily tasks imposed by the successive lockdowns have led us to speed up of the introduction of this new chapter of the brand, while having time to refine the details of our strategy. From this difficult time, we decided to make a positive change.

What is changing ?

Our DNA remains the same. The company guarantee, nothing change :
⁃ In the design.
⁃ In the collections
⁃ In the workmanship.
⁃ In the composition and use of premium raw materials.

The level of requirement is exactly the same, it is even higher regarding the environmental responsibility of some of our raw materials and of course we are maintaining relationship with the production workshops that have been making our shoes with great knowledge for years.

How did we arrive at this new price ?

Cutting on quality or using raw materials was obviously not an option. As part of a new CSR policy, we have completely revised our logistics system. In concrete terms, the shoes that previously passed through various platforms are now directly shipped from our Portuguese factories to our customers in France, Europe and the rest of the world. Reducing the number of steps in the delivery process leads us to cost reduction and time saving. This time and steps saving allow us to use slower and less expensive delivery process and more importantly to a carbon-efficient transport reduction.

Zespà uses all these savings to reduce our prices, we are betting on the future with an identical product, but more accessible. After more than 10 years of existence, the choice of this change corresponds to a new vision of the brand for the future, allowing us to grow in a more responsible way.